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Shipping, Ordering, & Payments

Yes. All goods are despatched with invoice attached unless you require another arrangement. Please contact us with your query.
Yes. If you have been notified your order is ready for collection you can pick up your goods directly at LightingSuperstore, Shop 25, Homeworld , Helensvale, Gold Coast, Qld 4212.
We accept all major cards except Diners. We do not charge a surcharge on credit cards. You can also pay via direct deposit or when you pickup your order.
Yes. You can make an addition at any time. If you decide you need something extra contact us right away and we may be able to consolidate with original order to avoid extra freight costs.

Energy Efficient & LED

Yes. There is a variety of CFLs (Compact fluorescent) and LED lights that can be used in place of your halogen downlights. In recent times the performance of LED technology has increased significantly, and at the same time the costs have fallen. These changes have led to LED lights becoming the most popular in new housing projects as well as renovations.
A limited range of fluorescents are dimmable, but it usually means a more expensive bulb and control dimming gear to suit which may be another expense. Many of the LED available have dimmable versions. At this stage LED technology is still rapidly developing and it appears that it will be far easier to dim than fluorescent sources.
This depends greatly on the type of light you have
- Most GU10 / 240v downlights have direct replacement to Fluorescent or LED
- 12v halogen downlights have replacements depending on the type of transformers you have. For further information contact us
For more information on LED click here.


Yes. Nearly all modern fans are remote adaptable. This can be a great advantage when you want to install a fan light combination where there is only a light. The use of a remote control reduces the need for an electrician to get additional wiring to the fan. Lighting Superstore carries remote controls for all our stocked fans.
Yes. Most of the modern fans have extension rods available. Lighting Superstore carries stock of extender rods for all our stocked fans.
No. the older rattan 4 blade fans were not very effective air movers. The better quality modern 4 blade fans are designed for maximum airflow as well as energy efficiency. For more information click here
You can put any fans outside but not all fans have an outdoor warranty. Lighting Superstore stocks a variety of fans that have an outdoor warranty. Please see the links below for fans with exterior warranty.
- Typhoon 316 - Concept
- Loft
- Icon
- Everglade


Some fittings come with a manufacturer supplied lamp and some do not. If it is not clear please contact us.
- Warm white (2700K) is the more “yellow” light colour. The regular old incandescent light bulb and halogen is a warm white
- Cool white (4000k) is a more neutral “white” light colour
- Daylight (6000k) is an almost “blue white” colour
Please note: Kelvin (K) is a measurement of light colour and is not a measurement of brightness.
Pendants hanging on chains and cords can be adjusted very easily. Pendants on steel rods can be adjusted but it is far more difficult.


All our lampshades are measured in inches and are listed in the same format:

Top . Bottom . Height
(slant height not vertical height)

To measure your existing shade or to design a new one simply follow the same format.
T = Top diameter
B = Bottom diameter
H = Height (slantheight, not verticle height)

Example: 14.16.12 C1 White
The top diameter is 14", the bottom diameter is 16", the slant height is 12" and the fabric is our own C1 White Linen.

For Square, Rectangle and Oval shades, both length and depth measurements will need to be provided instead of diameters.

Our lampshades are available in 70+ standard shapes and sizes or in your specific, made to order size.

How do we choose the right size shade? Put simply, the taller the lamp, the larger the shade.

The diameter of the lampshade is the most important dimension in choosing your ideal size. The bottom of the shade should be wider than the widest part of the lamp base, but not more than the lamp base height.

We recommend the following size guide:

Lamp Type Shade Diameter

Bedside Lamp 6" - 14"
Table Lamp 12" - 16"
Floor Lamp 16" - 22"

Base fit, Drop fit, Top fit, Finial fit, Harp, Clip on, Diffuser bowl......our Lampshades can be made with a mind numbing number of different fitting types. As standard, our lampshades are made with a 29mm fitting raised 38mm (1.5") up from the bottom of the shade to suit the Australian standard BC22 Bayonet style lampholder. All other fitting types are available by custom order.
Base Fit
ID29mm to suit BC22 Bayonet lampholder
standard on all Cylinder, Square & Rectangle shades. Optional ID40mm to suit E27 lampholder
Drop Fit
ID29mm to suit BC22 Bayonet lampholder
standard on all Tapered shades. Optional ID40mm to suit E27 lampholder
Top Fit
ID29mm to suit BC22 Bayonet lampholder.
Optional ID10mm to suit a harp or suspension kit.
Optional ID40mm to suit E27 lampholder
Clip On
Wire fitting to fit over small candle or fancy round light bulb, standard on our smallest shades

Lampshades can be made in any of our 45+ stock fabrics seen here or in your own supplied fabric or wallpaper.

All our stock fabric shades have a colour matched fabric tape finish, or can be optioned with a neat rolled edge finish.

Most fabrics are suitable for making lampshades. If in doubt, send us a sample and we will advise, but not guarantee, it's suitability.

Lampshades in customer supplied fabric will be made with a rolled edge finish, while wallpaper shades will be made with a fabric tape finish selected from our C1 colour range.

When supplying your own fabric, fabric metreage is calculated at 3.5 x the bottom diameter of the shade. Assuming a standard fabric width of 137cm, this will be enough to make 1-2 lampshades. Fabric must be sent on a roll to prevent permanent creasing and any excess fabric will be returned along with the finished shades.