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NEW Exterior Lights

Exterior lights can not only make your home shine from the outside but also provide safety and security inside the property. The Lighting Superstore offers a wide range of outdoor lighting solutions so whether you're lighting up your patio or showing off your garden, we have everything you need. 

Our Garden Light range is excellent for illuminating shrubbery, trees, garden beds. These outside lights are available as a variety of path lighting within this range which is perfect for stone gardens, footpaths, and creating curb appeal. 

If you're looking to cast some light closer to the perimeter of your house then our Exterior Wall Lights range has a wide range of on-trend wall lights such as coach, in-ground, up/down, and security lighting.

Down Lights that are graded for use as outside lights are also great for dispersing light over outdoor areas such as patios, decks, and eaves.