New In Interior Surface Mounted Ceiling Lights

New In Interior Surface Mounted Ceiling Lights  

Downights are by far the most popular utilised light fitting In the lighting Industry for Interior designers, builders and people who would like to upgrade their current lighting look, efficiency and functionality. 

One of the most distinct features for a downlight is it’s exterior aesthetics, and this is what we are going to expand on In this blog post.

A recessed look is widely utilised for it's minimalistic features and seamless Integration with builders and Interior designers. But what happens, when Interior designers or home owners want to create a truly unique master piece and bring out the features of the light fitting, that otherwise would be blending in with the ceiling and go unnoticed? 

Here at Lighting Superstore, we care about your choices and appreciate uniqueness behind our customer’s preferred look, choice and feel. That's why we added in our stock line a surface mounted downlight range from one of our reliable and widely known supplier CLA Lighting.


A GU10 Interior surface mount downlight is the perfect fitting for those who are looking for added quirk and personalisation to your Interior living space. It adds a character and transforms the space while adding another dimension.

With five colour finishes to choose from the beautiful cylindrical shape stands out from a smooth ceiling as a feature and delivers modern, unique look and feel.


Pushing your boundaries as an interior designer? Why not compliment the colours that you may already have incorporated in your look?

Powderpink finish would not only go hand in hand with Hampton style theme but would also add a touch of elegance and elevated feel to any given space.

Bright Gold would be an amazing feature to compliment black stainless finish appliances that you may have in your kitchen or throughout your Interior space.

Coffee Liqueur is an exceptional earthy colour that is currently trending amongst one of the most popular colour schemes for Interior designers and would work beautifully with wooden floors and natural elements within the space.

All of the downlights come with an added option to purchase LED or Halogen light globe, and let's not think twice the choice is obvious. For more energy efficiency, practicality and reducing the risk of the fitting to over heat, we should all be choosing LED.

TIP: LED’s comes in different colour temperatures Warm white or Cool white ( sometimes daylight ). Depending on the look and feel that you trying to achieve, most people stick to one colour temperature through out the area. Sometimes Warm white is used in areas such as living rooms and bedrooms to create relaxing and ambient look and feel, and Cool white’s brightness adds a great advantage for the kitchens, bathrooms and offices. The choice is yours!

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Plasma Ball - Frequently Asked Questions

Plasma Ball - Frequently Asked Questions:

Plasma Balls have been an exciting novelty decor piece over the decades so we're here to answer your most commonly asked questions regarding the electrifying item. 



The glass orb/ball is filled with low pressure gasses such as argon, the plasma orb in the center of the globe then provides voltage throughout the orb reacting with the gasses which creates the lighting effect we all know and love!  



Plasma balls are incredibly safe so long as it is operated responsibly and safely. As with all objects that handle an electric current, there are some things to avoid during the plasma ball's operation.

  • Do not touch the plasma ball with wet hands. This may result in a small shock.
  • Do not maintain contact with the glass of the plasma ball for extended periods of time due to rapid heat buildup.
  • Do not touch the plasma ball with a conductive materials such as metal. It is quite common for people wearing rings to accidentally touch the orb before removing them resulting in a small shock. 
  • As the electric current within the plasma ball produces a small amount of electric interference, it's important to avoid close contact for anyone who has a pacemaker.



Like most things, the wear of the plasma ball depends on the frequency and duration it is operated for. The plasma node which provides a high voltage can also wear out with extended use resulting in a less bright "lightning" effect however this is not the norm. All Lighting Superstore Plasma Balls also come with a minimum 1-year warranty.



It is not recommended to operate the plasma ball without supervision as it is an electrical product which builds up heat. Additionally, the wear on the plasma ball with increase with the total operation time.

For more questions, contact us at: and our speciality lighting team will be happy to give your more details on our plasma ball range. 

The difference between Hamptons and French Provincial

The difference between Hamptons and French Provincial

The two are often confused due to their shared decor attributes.

Flicking through our range of Hampton style lights it become apparent to me that we had started to incorporate a large number of decorative over adorned fixtures more suited to a French provincial style. Researching this further I have found it was quite a common dilemma of many decorators when attempting to set a strong theme throughout their spaces. To help you understand the difference I discuss the styles and their aesthetics below.

Hamptons Style

Most will describe the Hamptons Style as a timeless contemporary theme, filled with glass and chrome, white on white in an almost costal atmosphere. Its main focus is on comfort through soft furnishings and relaxed additions such as a stack of books here and there.

French Provincial

French provincial is appropriately inspired by the French country side, and helps define another popular style known as shabby sheik. It is often made up of Antiques focusing on ornate craftsmanship, painted timber and neutral fabrics such as linen.  French provincial unlike Hamptons does not focus on light furnishing and it’s more structured in its decorative additions.