Lava Lamps

Lava Lamp Care Manual

LAVA LAMP Care Manual

Set-up and Assembly of your LAVA® Lamp

  1. Be sure the light bulb is tightly screwed into the base.
  2. Plug your lava lamp into a power outlet and place it away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures; 68° F is best.
  3. Switch the lava lamp power on (switch on cord).

Running your LAVA® Lamp for the first time

  1. Please be patient. The first time you start a lava lamp it will take 2-6 hours for lava to flow.
  2. Your lava lamp will form “towery” pillar shapes when it starts to flow. This is normal. Please allow it to run at least 2-6 hours, depending on the size of the lamp, the first time you use it. The more you run your lava lamp, the quicker the start-up time.

If it is not flowing properly, check the coil

  1. The metal coil should be at the bottom of every LAVA globe. It helps to accelerate the heat to melt the lava at a faster pace. If the coil is not nestled at the bottom of the lamp, it will take longer for the lava to flow.
  2. If the coil is not at the bottom, twirl the globe GENTLY in the coil will drop. For help, please see this video:

If your LAVA® Lamp appears cloudy

  1. If you receive a lamp that is cloudy, allow the lava lamp to sit at room temperature and let the wax settle for approximately 8 hours.
  2. Turn the lamp on until the wax starts to soften. Shut it off until it cools. Then, turn it on again and run for 8 to 10 hours. This may result in a clear lamp.
  3. If your lava lamp is still cloudy, please contact us.

5 Ways to keep your LAVA® Flowing

  1. Do not loosen or remove the bottle cap on globe. Breaking the seal will ruin your lamp and void your warranty.
  2. Do not move, shake or drop your lava lamp while “WARM.” The lamp will become cloudy and the lava will break apart. If this happens, shut the lamp off immediately and let sit undisturbed for 24 hours. Then, turn it back on and run as normal. Hopefully your lamp will run again unharmed. There is a possibly that it will be damaged permanently.
  3. Do not place lamp in direct sunlight. The colours will fade.
  4. Do not store or operate in extreme cold or heat. This will affect the functionality of your lamp.
  5. We recommend only running your lamp for 8-10 hours at a time. (Do not run it 24/7 continuously.)
Lava Lamps - Frequently Asked Questions

As lava lamps have been an iconic decor and lighting piece for many years, there have been many questions raised regarding their functionality, operation, and history. Here, you'll find answers to some common and frequently asked questions regarding lava lamps.



Nearly all lava lamps will come in an hourglass-style shape. Our lava lamps come in two main shapes:

Illustration of diamond lava lamps Australia - Lighting Superstore


A modern take on the timeless classic, diamond shaped lava lamps will feature a more angular base and cap as well as a slightly wider glass shape. This lava lamp shape will look better in both contemporary and modern decor styles. Here are some of our diamond lava lamps. 

Illustration of peace lava lamps Australia - Lighting Superstore


Peace lava lamps are the classic lava lamp shape we all know and love. These lava lamps have a more rounded glass, base, and cap. This retro shape looks great in natural interiors with softer colours and decor. Browse peace lava lamps. 



As lava lamps utilise incandescent bulbs to heat up, energy consumption of a lava lamp is largely dependent on the bulb used. Our lava lamps use the most common-type of lava lamp globes which is are 30w SES R39 Lava Lamp Globes.

While incandescent bulbs are costly to operate as regular household light bulbs, you will not be running it for longer than periods of 8-10 hours. The cost will be dependent on your location and electricity rates. 



When turning on your lava lamp for the first time, it will likely take a little bit longer than usual for the wax to melt and flow. With more frequent usage, the lava lamp will begin to flow more quickly. It is highly recommended that you do not run the lava lamp for periods longer than 8 to 10 hours, regardless of the initial heating period. This will minimise any chance of overheating. 



Lava lamps are a great decor piece when used appropriately however there are a few things to keep in mind when owning one. Lava lamps during operation can get quite hot making it a potential fire hazard. Like most lamps, it's important that your lava lamp during operation is not near hazards such as curtains, carpets or blankets. Most lava lamps contain non-toxic chemicals such as antifungals, water, and coloring. Despite this, the liquid inside should not be ingested in any circumstance.



Lava lamps make a great gift for children, teens, and adults alike, however it's important that the owner of the lava lamp understands how to use it properly. Lava lamps become hot enough during operation to cause burns when touched. If the lava lamp is for a child, ensure that its usage is supervised and they know not to touch it. 

For more questions, contact us at: and our speciality lighting team will be happy to give your more details on our lava lamp range.