Get Smart About Smart Lighting

What is Smart Lighting anyway?

Smart lighting is a personalised home automation system that can be controlled with voice control such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and free apps via any smart device. Smart ranges now include anything from switches to security spotlights and everything in between. 

Why would I need it?

Have lights come on and off while you’re away from home, just as they always do – no one will even know you’re gone! Add extra security features such as a smart doorbell or cameras to monitor your home – all from the device in your pocket.

Having your home fully automated ensures no light wastage – and if the kids leave lights on, you can turn them off with a tap on your phone screen. Smart lighting is also generally LED, and some even have a power tracking feature in their apps, saving the planet while saving you money off your electricity bill.

Control and atmosphere creation
No more getting annoyed with your partner for not having the outdoor light on when you come home. Have trouble staying focussed in your home office? Set your lighting brightness and colour for the perfect working environment. Calling the kids for dinner time? The loungeroom lights turn off – they can’t pretend they didn’t hear you now! You can set any number of scenes for cosy nights in and motivating mornings. 

Smart plugs are one of our most popular smart products, as they make it so easy to control your everyday appliances. Here is what one of our customers had to say:

"I use a smart plug for my iron. So when I'm in the bathroom about to iron my clothes, I turn it on and by the time I walk into the ironing room it's hot and ready to go. If I forget to turn it off I can look on the app and check!"

The opportunities really are endless for complete regulation of your home, adding that extra convenience to your daily routines.

How does it work?

The main two ways smart lighting works is through either a WiFi or a Hub connection. Both have their advantages and can work for well for different applications.


A WiFi connection is perfect for simple, low-cost home automation with just a few products. It really is as easy as buying a globe or powerboard, connecting it to your WiFi and downloading the app. 

A limitation of a WiFi connection is that your router will eventually reach capacity. Products may also have latency issues if there are black spots in your house. There are several expander type accessories available to solve this, however it could be argued that the connection would never be as stable as having a hub for large amounts of products.

Hub Connection 

A hub is built for whole-home automation with a stronger connection, meaning a more user-friendly outcome for bigger systems. Products that run through a hub can be advantageous if you have a poor internet connection or if you have a large number of products in your home automation system.

Certain brands can also supply a hub that will work with different brands of smart lighting so that they can all run through the same app. However, we would recommend sticking with one brand of smart lighting for a smoother process overall. 


Currently, our most popular systems are Mercator Ikuu and BrilliantSmart Lighting. They have the most comprehensive range and user-friendly technology, which our customers love!


Now! Start browsing our Smart Lighting range online and please contact our friendly team if you have any questions.