Choosing the Right Bathroom 3 in 1

The nights are getting cooler, our showers are getting a little warmer and the bathrooms a little steamier. We look for the quickest way to de-fog the mirror and pull on our trackies before the warm shower wears off. But there is a better way. Those who have experienced the pleasure of flicking on the heat lights when they step into the bathroom will find it difficult to go without. The good news is almost all the bathroom heat lights come complete with a built-in exhaust, solving the all-important bathroom mirror issue and even more importantly keeping your bathroom well ventilated and dry, limiting the possibility for mould and mildew as well as any unpleasant smells.

Finding the right 3 in 1 for your bathroom can get a little overwhelming so here are some tips to help you find the best solution for your bathroom, as well as some of our top selling units.

Tip #1: Exhaust

Exhaust fans use extraction rates measured in m3/hr, it's important to select an exhaust that has a high enough extraction rate for the size of your bathroom. To make things a little less complicated a rough guide is as follows.

2 x 2m Bathroom = 200m3 Bathroom Unit

4 x 4m Bathroom = 400m3 Bathroom Unit

Tip #2: Heat

The heat lights that come with these units usually consist of a 2 or 4 light configuration. There is no set recommendation for heating as it really comes down to personal preference. Smaller bathrooms would be adequately heated with a 2 heat light option, while larger bathrooms may need the extra 2 heat lamps in midst of winter. Something to note is the 4 Heat Light exhausts usually come with 2 switches, meaning you won't have to have all 4 one at once for the in between weather. The more heat lamps you have on the more power you are using (Average is 275w per heat light)

Tip #3: Positioning

While it may seem tempting to place your heat light and exhausts as close to the shower as possible, taking the advise on its positioning from your electrician will be best. While these exhausts are rated for condensation you will need to make sure they are placed in an area where any overspray or splashing is unlikely to reach the unit and or the bulbs.

Tip #4: Bathroom Lighting

The central light in many of the exhausts have improved 10-fold and will usually provide adequate light to light up the bathroom. However for larger or oddly shaped bathrooms it may be an idea to addition lighting. When shaving or applying makeup a vanity light is always the best option.

Our Top Picks

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